When Hanging Out = Losing Out (Part II)

In Part 1 of this title, we discussed how not being a part of something larger than yourself can lead to losing out at scholarship time. But there is another area where this can be even more important – getting a job. Yep, whether you land that great job is not only a matter of grades.


Truth is, several years after you leave school very few will care about your GPA. And in looking for work during your senior year (or earlier!), employers will want to know if you have spent your time wisely. They want to know if you are continuing to mature into a productive, well-balanced person.


And, spending all your free time hanging out with your friends tells them, “NOT.”


Here are some of the qualities employers want:

  • A good work ethic
  • An ability to work well in groups/teams, and…
  • Taking on an active role within groups
  • The desire and ability to continue to learn and grow
  • Good communication skills


Most of these points cannot be measured by your GPA. They are measured by what you accomplish OUTSIDE the classroom. Are you involved in group activities (sports, clubs, professional societies, etc)? Do you take on an active role? Do you ‘play well’ with others? Are you involved in activities that expand your knowledge and personal growth?


Use your natural abilities while in school to prove to prospective employers that you have the qualities they want and need. Are you a natural leader? Good at organizing? Great at keeping all the details straight? At communicating inside and outside the group?


Get involved, and let your talents and actions prove to future employers you have what it takes to be an outstanding member of their team!

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