Careers in Caves

This post may fall under “Dumb Things I’ve Read” or, “What Were They Thinking?”


I recently read an online article by a major news source referring to the best careers for shy people. As a shy person myself, I was interested in what these ‘experts’ had to say. Whoa!


The thought of having any one of the listed careers (and I actually did hold one for a very short time) made my skin crawl! The general idea seemed to be, ‘we know you’ll never get over being shy, so we recommend you work in a cave, sort rocks, and only come out when it’s time to rush home.” Unbelievable.


Whether we are shy, outgoing, etc, is such a small part of our overall character and strengths, to select something as important as a career based on this single component is a disaster in the making. We are the SUM of ALL our traits, values, and strengths.


So, please, toss aside the rags from these so-called experts who are quick to inform you, you should be this or that based on this type of one-dimensional analysis. Your future will thank you for it.


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