4 Ways to Support Your Student at Crunch Time

[This is an encore article published near the end of each semester.]

This is a difficult time of year in any student’s life and there are a lot of things happening. End of term reports, presentations, final exams, jobs/internships, and in some cases saying goodbye to friends. Here are 4 ways you can help your student through this intense period.


Understand. Be understanding of the fact they may not contact you as often as usual. There are papers to write and exams to study for along with the usual coursework to complete. Time in the library, computer center, and with friends may take precedence over calling/coming home.


Be supportive. As the work piles up and students are forced to prove what they’ve learned over the term, self-confidence can wane. You can help by cheering them on, sending a care package, or even simply an encouraging text message. Again, don’t be upset if a reply is short on coming.


Listen. Sometimes we just need someone to listen. No “fixing” is required – just a sympathetic ear to all that is going on in their lives. On top of the academic load, this is especially true for students saying goodbye to friends via graduation or transfers.


Save it. Unless there is a death in the family, save any and all “bad news” until the term has ended. Keep your own day-to-day problems and concerns in check. The last thing your student needs is to carry additional burden at this time.

Do you have any tips to share?

Nine-tenths of education is encouragement. -Anatole France


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